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Have you figured out what CAREER you want to pursue after high school or college?

Maybe you “think” you know but you really aren’t quite sure.

Choosing just any career can be tricky, especially in a world where robots and machines are increasingly replacing the human workforce.

The Career Chose Me is a practical and easy to read book that will challenge you to dream, question and explore the endless possibilities that are out there. It’s a book about self-discovery, research and doing the hard work of figuring out where you belong in this world.

Based on his real life journey, the author retells his story of choosing a career at a young age and following this dream into adulthood. Filled with semi-autobiographical stories and combined with practical advice, this book is a must-read for any young person looking to choose a career.
As Brandon Riley explains, it’s not enough to just pick a career and graduate college. You have to invest serious amounts of time exploring careers and professions so that you can be an expert in your field.

This groundbreaking book will show you how to match your passions and strengths with a career that is meant for you.

Things you will learn in this CAREER BOOK:

*How to choose a career that matches your personality
*How to eliminate possible careers based on your experiences
*How to investigate possible career options
*How to decide whether or not to attend college
*How to know what the salary is of a specific job
*How to pick a career that won’t be taken over by robots
*How to brand yourself and stay on top

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