Topics Covered In The Book

22 practical chapters that will help you to choose the right career.

Dreaming Big

Is that job or career you want too big or impossible? Maybe not? We will dive deep into this topic and help you figure out the path to pursue your dreams!

The College Dilemma

The future is here and college may or may not be in line with your ultimate career pursuits. Before you pull the trigger to attend or skip all together read this chapter.

Beware the robots

More and more jobs are being replaced today by computers, machines and robots. Get tips on what careers to avoid that may someday be eliminated.

Does my personality matter?

The simple answer is yes. The complicated answer is found in this book. In this chapter you will see how the author's personality led him to do specific types of jobs and work.

Going undercover

What if you treated your career like a secret mission with mysteries to uncover? In this chapter you will be challenged to go behind the scenes and discover the real mysteries behind your career dreams.


In this ground-breaking chapter you will see how volunteering can pave the way for a successful career.

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