3 Secrets to Landing that DREAM JOB

Have you ever wanted to land that certain “Dream Job” that you knew you would be “perfect” for?  You might have sent literally hundreds of resumes with no response and wondered what really happened to those resumes. The key to landing a DREAM JOB is having a connection to someone in the company. Yes your resume, experience and overall interview technique is important…but will it get you anywhere?  You see

Top 25 Careers of 2018

According to a recent article on usnews.com many of the top jobs of 2018 include both the technology and medical field. I’ve listed the top 25 below for you to glance at. One commonality you will find among these jobs is the amount of schooling required is a definite must. You can’t just graduate high school and be a dentist or a surgeon. The two main factors that help determine

What is a Career Coach?

Remember in high school when you had a guidance counselor? They were there to help you with career and college decisions…but lets face it there was one of them and probably hundreds or thousands of students that they might represent. A career coach although similar to a guidance counselor is someone that can help you in the self-discovery process and guide you to think long and hard before picking a

7 tips to choosing the right career

Choosing a career can be tricky….especially when we live in an age where robots are continually taking over the workforce. Follow these 7 helpful tips to help you choose the right career. Figure out what makes you tick. What does your personality say about work? Take the Meyers Brigg Test. Once you figure out what your personality is based on your personality assessment, look at what occupations it recommends you