About Author

Brandon Riley

Brandon Riley grew up in the mid-cities area near DFW Texas. With an interest in film and telling stories at an early age, he quickly became the editor of the school newspaper in high school. Brandon obtained a bachelor’s degree in radio/TV/film and a minor in philosophy from the University of North Texas. Upon graduation, he moved to Houston, Texas to work at a church as a creative media producer. While working there, he wrote, shot and edited hundreds of short format videos from script to screen. In 2012, he moved from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, California with the goal of breaking into the film industry. He started off interning with various production companies, working for free and cheap.

Today, Brandon is making a living as a full- time freelance film professional. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America. He has worked on more than 30 movies as an assistant director or producer. In his free time, he writes screenplays, blogs and mentors others in the arena of film.

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