Have you ever wanted to land that certain “Dream Job” that you knew you would be “perfect” for?  You might have sent literally hundreds of resumes with no response and wondered what really happened to those resumes.

The key to landing a DREAM JOB is having a connection to someone in the company. Yes your resume, experience and overall interview technique is important…but will it get you anywhere?  You see in life people like to work with people they know. If you know someone your level of trust is instantly greater than when you don’t know someone. When an HR person receives a resume of someone from the outside the world…it is immediately put into a pile of last resort.  Your job and goal is to get your resume from that pile into the consider pile. You want a chance…right?

3 Secrets to Landing that Dream Job:

  1. Have a relative who works at the company you are applying for. Maybe your dad/mom/uncle/sister/grandfather/second cousin currently own a certain company. Some people may call this “nepotism” and the truth is having a close relationship with someone in the company can really be a key to getting in.
  2. Know a friend who works at the company you are applying for. While not as certain as a relative a friendship can go along way because lets face it people in general like to work with their friends.
  3. Connect with a someone on the inside of the company you are applying for. While this is definitely the most difficult of the three…this can give you a leg up from the competition. You may have to do a little research and connect with these people via facebook, linkedin, twitter or even email. Your best be in this arena is to connect with these people through a mutual connection that can introduce you to them. Its a good idea to not be direct and instead ask them how they enjoy working at X company and see if they have any advice. Once they hear you are interested they may offer to help move your resume along in the HR department.

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