About the Book

Have you figured out what CAREER you want to pursue after high school or college? 

Maybe you "think" you know but you really aren't quite sure. 

Choosing just any career can be tricky, especially in a world where robots and machines are increasingly replacing the human workforce. 

The Career Chose Me is a practical and easy to read book that will challenge you to dream, question and explore the endless possibilities that are out there. It's a book about self-discovery, research and doing the hard work of figuring out where you belong in this world.

About the Author

Brandon Riley is a seasoned Producer, Line Producer, UPM and Assistant Director (1st AD & 2nd AD) with 10+ years’ experience creating and managing high-profile film, TV, digital media and live events. He’s worked with numerous a-list Actors and talented Directors in 10 states with budgets under $10 million.  

He holds a Bachelors degree in Radio/TV/Film and a minor in Philosophy from the University of North Texas and is currently a member of both the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America.

In his spare time Brandon enjoys developing and packaging projects (features and tv series) under his company Radiant First Productions for various markets and is often hired as a consultant to assist with the development process for numerous companies.

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